The term resale refers to dwellings that have been previously occupied. We also speak of resales in the case of new, as yet uninhabited houses that are sold on to the second owner at an early stage upon delivery.

The supply of existing houses is very large. Here on the coast we work together with a number of other professional and reliable brokers. By using the search function you can indicate your preferences, press "search" and you will see a selection of properties. If you prefer us to make a selection for you, we will of course be happy to do so and will send you this selection by e-mail. In the latter case, it would be very helpful if you could tell us your wishes regarding region, type of house, number of bedrooms, minimum and maximum price. The more criteria you specify that are important to you, the more specifically we can select a number of properties for you.

It goes without saying that looking at what is on for sale says much more than the pictures we send you. If you come this way, you can of course choose in a short time (3 to 4 days) to visit as many homes as possible and experience on the spot how beautiful the environment is or how the finishing of the homes is realized. You can also combine it with a holiday in beautiful Andalucia and occasionally take a day off to see with us a number of houses, which are tailored to your needs. This gives you time to play golf for a day or a day on the beach. Fun and business go hand in hand in Spain.

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